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ClinIntell offers hospitals an entirely new approach to Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), one that is both effective and compliant.

The current regulatory environment has brought increased scrutiny on CDI programs and we believe hospitals will soon be looking for new approaches to CDI that do not involve clinical queries. The ClinIntell approach enables you to achieve a more complete and accurate medical record without the use of a single query.

How is this possible?

Using data analysis, we uncovered what physicians have known for a long time: they see a limited diversity of clinical conditions in their daily practice. For example, a hospital with 12,000 yearly discharges will see only 850 of the over 14,000 ICD-9 diagnoses in a typical month. For an individual physician, the number of diagnoses encountered is even smaller. Instead of overwhelming your physicians with a large list of diagnoses, we give them a short list to document consistently and accurately. With physicians leading the documentation, you no longer need clinical queries.

Our products enable you to achieve physician-led documentation in less than two months. Compare this to the time it takes to hire and train new documentation specialists or to ramp up query volume. Unlike traditional CDI programs, our approach is not taxing to the organization. There is no need to hire and train documentation specialists. You don’t have to track queries or query agreement rates. You no longer have to worry about query practices that might place your hospital at risk.

"The approach is highly effective. Our hospitalists achieved greater than 90% documentation accuracy in less than 2 months. This translated to a 22% increase in CMI and we were able to do this without the use of a single clinical query."
     - Hospitalist medical director, large urban
       hospital on the West Coast

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